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The inside story of Tindyebwa Agaba Wise, the son of Greg Wise

He was radicalised, brainwashed and trained as a child soldier

IT'S fair to say that Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise are household names, thanks to their incredible Hollywood careers.

But they are also proud parents to their adopted son Tindyebwa Agaba, who has a remarkable back story.


Tindyebwa Agaba is the adopted son of actor Greg Wise and actress Emma ThompsonCredit: AFP

Who is Greg Wise's son Tindyebwa Agaba?

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Tindyebwa Agaba is the adopted son of Greg Wise and Emma Thompson.

Emma first met Tindy at a refugee council event where she offered to help after all his unimaginable experiences.

At the time, Tindy wasn't sure whether to trust Emma but she eventually tracked him down and invited him round for a Christmas Eve dinner.

The dinner, that took place in their £15million West Hampstead, North London home, eventually turned into regular stays.

Given his own room, Tindy would stay for weekends which would eventually turn into weeks.

Eventually, the Hollywood couple decided to "informally" adopt him - at the time when Tindy was eligible to make his own legal decisions.

Tindy shares Greg and Emma with their biological daughter, Gaia.

What happened to Tindyebwa Agaba?

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Tindy tragically lost his biological father to Aids when he was just nine years old.

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When he was 12, soldiers turned up to his village in Rwanda with machine guns to kidnap its children.

The militia rounded up Tindy and nine other children and marched them across unfamiliar bush for days.

As a result he was separated from his three sisters.

He then arrived at a prison camp where he would remain for three years - being radicalised, brainwashed and trained as a child soldier.

At 16, Tindy eventually escaped Rwanda after a charity worker from Care International helped him board a flight to London to claim asylum.

After months of sleeping rough on the streets of Trafalgar Square, Tindy finally met Emma at the refugee council event.

When did Greg Wise and Emma Thompson adopt Tindyebwa Agaba?

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In 2003, Greg and Emma informally adopted Tindy - the same year the pair got married.

He is the eldest child of the pair and brother to their daughter Gaia.

Tindy's mum Emma previously revealed how she credited her son with her own personal transformation, claiming that he has “been part of the healing”.

Speaking to the New Yorker, she said: “I’ve been told I was a fierce and restless octopus.

"But they have three hearts and only live for two years.

"So now I’m in search of a more peaceful existence where I’m not so angry and my one heart will last a bit longer.”

Who are Tindyebwa Agaba's siblings?

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Sadly as Tindy was separated from his three sisters in Rwanda, he never saw them again.

It is not known if they are alive or dead.

His adopted mum Emma previously revealed he has a strong bond with his adopted sister Gaia, and the pair are very close.

Speaking to The Guardian she said: "Gaia was nearly three when he arrived.

"He became her big brother very quickly – she adores him."

Emma also revealed how Tindy had previously been to Gaia's school to teach her class Rwandan songs, and they love spending time together.

Speaking about her own relationship with her son, the actress said: "It's complete bliss. He's serious-minded but very funny too.

"We laugh a lot. And we talk a lot – we go for long walks to chat, which is lovely."

What does Tindyebwa Agaba Wise do now?

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In 2009, Tindy obtained British citizenship.

Since then, he also got married to his wife He Zhang.

Tindy has worked as a detective in London's Criminal Investigation Division and has a Master's degree in human rights law.

He spent over a decade working for human rights activism.


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